There are five V6 projects I have now. One of them is a fucking marathon. Straight up 22 moves traversing the entire wall. It’s gonna go down though. I have all the moves, just gotta link it up when I’m fresh. I also have two V7 projects. I am literally one move away from my first V7 and I only got my first V6 days ago. The last move on it is super desperate though because it requires this shit toe-hook around an arete coming off of a good crimp rail. Basically the last move is a scary throw to the tape finish that either ends in some serious superman horizontal swing or in a sketchy fall. I’m cruising the rest of it though and that feels fucking good. There’s also this really slope-ey campus-ey V7 that I’ve got pretty dialed. Just working out the last couple moves. I really want to get the send in on these two things. Either way, I’m training hard and I’m definitely loving to see this progression. 

On a side note, crossfit pull-ups may be efficient, but I still don’t like them at all. I’d rather do 40 straight pull-ups with locked out arms than 100 the crossfit way. Gotta get that power endurance!

Climbing for at least four hours tomorrow

Hopefully gonna send that V7 I love soo much. A really powerful V5 on the roof as well. Tomorrow is a day for sending. (: