Research Project Is Seeing Progress

So I managed to scrounge up a bunch of lab equipment to put together a test bench for the devices Mike is making. I found an oscilloscope I can use, a signal generator, a power source for the voltage bias, AND a desktop that I can use to run LabView on. I was worried about the learning curve for this project because I would have had to teach myself to program in LabView, but conveniently we are just starting to learn it in my Signals and Systems lab. Everything is coming together in a really convenient way. I feel like when I channel my efforts in all the right places I receive the maximum amount of efficiency for the least amount of work. It’s really rewarding to see my project coming together so quickly. I also really like how I can see the things I’m learning in my coursework directly affecting my job and the things I will be doing as an engineer one day. That’s probably the most rewarding thing I could gain from this internship. I get to see what some of my options are with my degree and see the knowledge I’ve gained be put to direct use. 

On another note, going climbing at seven. I’m going to send that V5 I’ve been working on. Can’t wait. I also really can’t wait to see the new routes that have been set. Dallas Rocks is the fucking bomb for bouldering, in case any of my followers happen to find themselves in the area with an urgent need to climb some sick problems.